Questions Raised Re Donor Conceived Baby

Ms Parker - IVF


NSW Health has launched an investigation into the case of a Sydney woman who is suspected of faking the miscarriage of her donor-conceived baby so she didn’t have to honour her agreement to keep in touch with the child’s genetic family.

Fairfax Media reported last week that Natalie Parker donated two embryos to a Sydney woman on the condition that any child born from her embryos would know its true genetic history. Ms Parker said she and the recipient agreed to keep in touch, exchange photos and meet up occasionally with their respective children.

“Clinicians need to be more mindful that their obligations don’t stop at the point of providing treatment, or even at the point of the patient getting pregnant,” said Ms Allan, who is an associate professor of health law at Macquarie University. “Their obligation also lies with the person who results from that. I think clinicians often forget that.

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