Write to your local MP

Letter Writing

Pro-Life Framework for Writing a Letter to a Politician

Your pen – an effective weapon!

  1. Emails are being viewed by many MP’s as an ineffective lobbying tool as they receive over 500+ emails per day, many of which are mass produced. A personal handwritten letter has more effect and identifies your individual needs as a constituent. In Parliamentary sessions, politicians often cite a letter he/she has received from one of his/her constituents.
  2. Email the same letter to MP [Lower House] in the email itself [not attached]
    1. and cc each of the Upper House Members
    2. and bcc petitions@righttolife.nsw.org.au

Below are some helpful resources for writing to your local MP:

Members of the Legislative Council  – Upper House  (list of all current Members and contact details)

Here is all of the current NSW MP’s both the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) & Legislative Council (Upper House), here you can find your local member and their contact details:     https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/members/Pages/all-members.aspx?&house=la&tab=browse

You can also find your local member by searching here with your postcode: https://roll.elections.nsw.gov.au/areafinder/

Further Resources: