About Us

Right to Life NSW is a human rights lobby group which defends the inalienable right to life of all human beings from conception to natural death.

We exist to influence culture and political will by communication, informing, and educating; by giving a voice to the voiceless, defending the defenceless and supporting the unsupported.

We appreciate the views of religious bodies which support the sanctity of life – but we, at Right to Life NSW, are a secular organisation – basing our views of scientific evidence. 

Our History

When the civil rights movement of the 1970s began to consider what the key rights of human beings were, Article 3 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights was quick to outline that the most inalienable right was that to life.

In 1973, the first Right to Life group began in Victoria, Australia.

The movement quickly spread throughout Australia – providing an organisational structure for collective citizen action against abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and assisted suicide. Since the 1970s and 1980s Right to Life NSW has run political campaigns and public demonstrations.  We seek to co-operate with other organisations in pursuance of the above objects.

Our Present

Today Right to Life NSW is going strong.  With a growing membership and a focus on developing the next pro-life generation we continue to lobby, rally, present and educate.