Why is adoption so hard?

Andreas and Donna Schibler with Charlotte, 1, and son Ollie, 3. 

Andreas Schibler


Charlotte Schibler is cuteness on pudgy legs that propel her in wobbly spurts around the sunlit deck of the Brisbane home where she is doted on by parents who are not her ­biological kin.

Loving the attention, as well as the freshly made muffins, the one-year-old shows no interest in the story they tell of her beginnings. By the time she is old enough to understand all that they are saying she will know the sequence of events by heart

Couples waiting for years to, or foster families wishing to make ­children in state care their own, would be ­flummoxed at the story of a teenage mother handing her newborn over without a single ­red-tape hiccup to the care of Andreas and Donna Schibler outside the front door of a Queensland hospital last year.

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