The Human Existence Equality Act passed in Mississippi

The Human Existence Equality Act was passed in Mississippi’s lower house last week.  If passed, this state will ban abortions carried out due to disability’s such as Down Syndrome.  This will embed a culture of life within the Mississippi healthcare system which we can only dream of here in NSW.

It reminds me of the revelations of mother Rachael Browne last month, when she told the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability in Sydney that hospital staff wrote off her son as “just a grizzly child with Down Syndrome” before he died in 2016 at age 16. Rachael described how she had fought since the day he was born against “questionable comments from medical professionals”.

We must continue to value the lives of people with disabilities in our pro-life community and support the parents who have to fight to choose life for them.