Surrogacy Issues


Surrogacy ImageThe issues of family planning and same-sex marriage get a lot of attention, both in the media and in political circles.

But while airports light up in rainbow colours and people leave Tony Abbott flowers, the people who will truly suffer from the destabilisation of the family do not even have a vote. Most haven’t even got a voice to speak with yet. The children being created in test tubes, brought to term in surrogate wombs and aborted or abandoned are not heard.

Children are no longer seen as human beings, with a right to life and a mother and father. They have been accessorised, like so many Paris Hilton Chihuahuas. It is now an adult’s “right” to have a child, regardless of where that child comes from or what type of family they will be entering.

You can get a designer baby any time you want, especially if you’re willing to go overseas. There are no police checks or home visits, as in Australia. A convicted sex offender can go to India and use a surrogate to get a child. No questions asked.

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