Redeeming Grief: Abortion And Its Pain

Redeeming Grief: Abortion and Its Pain / Anne R. Lastman

Anne Lastman is a post abortion grief and sexual abuse counsellor who has worked in these areas for nearly 18 years.
Redeeming Grief is a reflection on over 17 years of counselling and study of abortion grief, which is experienced by many women who choose to undergo this elective procedure.

These reflections are the result of listening to over 1,500 personal stories and listening to the expressions used by women as they speak about their decision to abort the life of their child.

Lastman attempts to reconstruct the meaning that this procedure has had for the aborting woman and how this one procedure has been the catalyst for life changes.

Redeeming Grief looks at abortion trauma and grief from the spiritual and the psychological perspective, and its influences on the individuals involved and society.

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