Groundbreaking Event for Treating Spina Bifida


Spina Bifida Surgery

Australia’ first pioneering surgery to repair the spina bifida defect in the womb was performed at the Mater Hospital, Brisbane on Saturday 23 July, 2016.  This surgery brings new hope to parents that their child will grow up with a better level of functioning.

The Brisbane Times wrote:

The team from The Mater led by director maternal fetal medicine Dr Glenn Gardener was joined by expert surgeons from Vanderbilt University Hospital in the USA, who have been performing this type of surgery since 1997.

The operation involved making an incision in the mother’s abdomen to access the uterus, then making an incision to reach the lower back of the fetus to correct the abnormality associated with spina bifida.

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SKY NEWS has also produced a graphic video of the event which you might like to see here