Gender Selection Abortion in NSW

One in ten abortion providers in NSW were asked to abort for gender selection

The NSW Health report into gender selection abortion released today shows that that this issue remains a critical problem.

The report notes that one in ten (9.8%) of providers have been asked to procure an abortion for gender selection in NSW.

The report also shows that 13 documented requests were made to providers. These are not ‘reporting errors’ as the Report colourfully suggests (as they were made before 10 weeks gestation) but actual, direct and documented requests for gender selection abortion.

One request is too much and 13 requests is way too many. And these are just the requests that have been owned up to. Many abortions are silent gender selection abortions in NSW.

This report provides evidence that gender selection above should be made illegal in NSW.

Dr Rachel Carling
Vice President
Right to Life NSW

Media: 02-92998350