Framework for writing a letter to a politician

Letter Writing

Your pen is an effective weapon!

Emails are being viewed by many MP’s as an ineffective lobbying tool as they receive over 500+ emails per day, many of which are mass produced. A personal handwritten letter has more effect and identifies your individual needs as a constituent. In Parliamentary sessions, politicians often cite a letter he/she has received from one of his/her constituents.

A GOOD LETTER length is a maximum of one page.


 Date
 Your address

 Addressee’s name and address
Use electorate office address. If Parliament is sitting, you
could use the Parliament House address.

 Greeting
Make sure you use the MP’s correct title e.g. Dear The Hon Mr Bloggs or Dear Mr Smith MLA or Dear Ms Jones MLC. Ring electorate office to check.

 First paragraph:
• Short and contains reason for letter. You could
underline it.

 Middle paragraph:
• Relevant information
• One or two key points ONLY
• Keep to essentials
• If you have a short personal story that is relevant, you could add this.
• You could write on a newspaper/internet article and add the clipping

 Last paragraph:
• State what you expect. Ask for a commitment or action.


Start with a positive first.

Ask politely. Do not threaten or demand.

Think: What’s in it for them? Prove your case on merit.

You can make a difference! Don’t delay-Act today.