Day of the Unborn Child 2024

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Of interest to all of you will be this Sunday’s “Day of the Unborn Child”.  Details are below:
Procession for the Day of the Unborn
A Procession for the Day of the Unborn Child will be held in Sydney CBD. This occasion marks the day Jesus Christ was conceived in his mother’s womb, and is a reminder of the unborn children who are not granted the right to life.

When: 12pm this Sunday, 14 April 
Where: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

After Mass at 10:30am, the Angelus will be recited at 12:00pm, followed by a prayerful street procession
led by Archbishop Fisher, including an address at Parliament House by special guest speaker,
Archbishop Julian Porteous.1:30pm Benediction at St. Mary’s Cathedral

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Right to Life (NSW)