Christian couple unwilling to destroy frozen embryos following IVF give them up for ‘adoption’ to other would-be parents facing fertility woes

Sharing the git of parenthood: Dan and Kelli Gassman adopted frozen embryos from a family across the country who had 11 left over following successful IVF who did not want to destroy them

  • Rebecca and Chris Henderson of Hampton, Virginia believe life starts at conception and found a like-minded couple who also had fertility woes
  • They signed over 11 embryos to Dan and Kelli Gassman of Salem, Oregon after successfully conceiving twins and having unassisted ‘miracle baby’
  • The Gassmans have since had a son named Trevor, now 2, and daughter Aubrey, 9 mos. from the donated embryos

A Virginia couple unwilling to destroy their frozen embryos that went unused following fertility treatments chose to adopt them out to a like-minded family suffering from similar woes.

Rebecca and Chris Henderson of Hampton were blessed with two sets of twins with the help of in vitro fertilization–they also had 11 unused frozen embryos carrying their DNA.

Since they believe life begins at conception, simply getting rid of the embryos was out of the question.