Abortion Aid to Nations is Harmful and Obscene

THE day I gave birth to my eighth child, I came the closest I have to death.

I  had  a   post-partum  haemorrhage.    This is a common complication among women  who  have  had  multiple  births, but  fortunately I  was a  patient  in an Australian  hospital  so I was  treated  immediately.

A delivery such  as that kills  one woman  almost every  minute of the day in the developing world. Most  maternal deaths are  directly  attributable to four causes: haemorrhage, which is  the biggest danger (25 per cent of deaths), infection (15 per cent), hypertension (12 per cent) and obstructed labour (8 per cent). Where  women work hard  through their  pregnancies on poor nutrition, as in Africa,   they have the highest rate of  miscarriage in the world. In such a climate,  abortion is a desperate last resort. It  is surprising  that  the rate of  death from  septic abortion is not  higher than 13per cent of deaths.

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